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From school to work: Friday’s dialogue on preparing Singapore’s youth for the future focused on how to prepare young people from school to career.

In a media release on Saturday, the NTUC said it was held in partnership with Varsity Voices, an intercollegiate network of regular dialogues covering “the topics most important to young people.”

This network includes the NUS Student Political Association, the NTU Current Affairs Association, and the SMU Apolitical Group.

“This is in the midst of a changing economic context, driving forces such as sustainable development, digitalization and the growing demand for caregiving and flexible working that is transforming the world of work,” the NTUC added. I got

Participants shared particular concerns about securing employability in the job market, what skills will be attractive to employers in the near future, and how to better prepare before entering the workforce. did.

The concerns raised by students during the dialogue are consistent with the findings of a survey conducted by the NTUC and Young NTUC earlier this year, it said. These findings were also used as the basis for forming the task force.

Another survey by Young NTUC in February found that young people found job and internship opportunities, skills workshops and career mentoring to be the most useful career-related programs. The survey included her 1,500 respondents aged 18 to her 35.

“Since the inception of the NTUC Youth Task Force, we have reached out to over 1,000 young people between the ages of 18 and 25 to date. Mr. Chu, chairman of the Force.

“It is encouraging to see this meaningful discussion taking place.NTUC wants to be your guide buddy on the work-life journey, so partnerships like this will build the workforce of the future, It is an important pillar for creating a workplace.”

As part of the September NTUC Youth Task Force effort, the Youth Hub Roving Exhibition will be held at ITE College Central from September 14th to September 15th. They will then move to Global Education at the Singapore School of Management from 29th to 30th September.

According to the NTUC, the Youth Hub consists of a series of interactive elements that provide helpful career advice and tips for young people, including learning about youth employment rights and career profiling tests. I am adding.

Focus group discussions will also be held at various locations throughout the month. Young people’s job anxiety is related to career planning and mental health

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