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SINGAPORE — Singaporean actress Ya Hui, 35, shared stunning photos on her Instagram account from her visit to the State Library of Melbourne. Along with the photos, she also presented fun facts about herself.

Fun Fact: I love the smell of new books! 😛 Just kidding. Study hard and play hard! Enjoy your school life to the fullest! 💪🏻,” said the actress.

Various people commented on her post, sharing their insights and opinions about Ya Hui’s library experience.

One IG user said: “If you’re in my class, I’ll make sure you study hard.” Interestingly, this got a reply from the actress who jokingly said, “Laughs. I’ll ask you to skip class with me, so I make sure you don’t study too hard.”.

Another user commented that she went to a cafeteria break with Ya Hui and was able to walk home after school.

One user said that if Ya Hui was his teacher, “Motivation to study hard”.

Others agreed with Ya Hui’s opinion that she likes to leave books untouched. “Books are like red wine…unopened…LOL! I’m joking.

Another IG user declared: “Same. I love the smell of new books and bookstores..❤️ but I don’t really like reading.”

In addition, there was a comment that Masaki himself looked like a student, and the actress expressed her gratitude.

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– Advertising ​​- Ya Hui said, “I love the smell of new books! So I tried my best to keep it pristine and brand new.”

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