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Sylvia Lim and Pritam Singh Re-elected as Workers’ Party Chairman and General Secretary respectively, and three new faces, including former Think Center Chairman Tan Kong Soon, elected to Central Executive Committee (CEC) at executive members meeting Elected. Held on November 12th.

The party said: I immediately started working on it. “

Former party leader Low Thia Khiang remained in the CEC along with all WP MPs, and former Hougang SMC MP Png Eng Huat was not re-elected.

Two other new names for CEC are Nathaniel Koh and Ang Boon Yaw. Mr. Koh said he has been with the party for over a decade and Marin he ran in the last election in Parade GRC.

Prior to that, he was Vice Chairman of the Youth Wing of the WP, supporting Aljunied GRC members of the Faisal Manap Council. In 2015, Koh served as an election agent for He Koh Choong Yong of the WP at the now-defunct Sengkang West SMC.

An, a 40-year-old lawyer, has been a party volunteer since 2012 with former MP Cheng Shaw Mao.

“I tracked the speeches made by WP lawmakers and the questions they asked in Congress, and found that WP was a rational and responsible political party. , very much in line with what most people in the field are feeling,” Ang said on the WP website.

Tan is one of the new faces in the lineup, but he’s a familiar face to the leadership as he was elected to the CEC in 2016. He was the former legislative aide to party heavyweight Lo Chia Kian from 2013 to 2017.

Tan had many years of political experience before joining the Labor Party and was involved in the 2001 Singapore general election. At the time, he was an electoral agent for Singapore Democratic League candidate Christopher Neo at Tampines GRC.

“My experience at GE is one I would not hesitate to go through again and again. What I experienced from start to finish during the nine days was invaluable. I learned about the party’s strategy, the neutrality of the authorities, and the ruling party’s attitude toward other parties,” Tan said in an interview published by Think. Center website in 2002.

The party’s CEC elections are held every two years, and only senior members are eligible to vote for party leader. Currently, the WP CEC has 15 elected members, one more than his CEC election in 2020. /TISG

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