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SINGAPORE: The Workers’ Party Youth Wing (WPYW) announced earlier this week that it will be launching its first-ever Fantasy Premier League (FPL) invitational competition, inviting “football fans of all ages” to participate in the fun.

One person who appears to be ready to jump in is WP chief Priam Singh, who shared the post from the WPYW on Thursday (Aug 10). Mr Singh, the Leader of the Opposition and a longtime Manchester United fan, wrote, “The Youth Wing folks have asked that I take part so, as Fabrizio Romano says, here we go!”

The WPYW wrote that some participants, including the top-performing managers, will receive “exclusive Workers’ Party branded goodie bags.”

And not only that, the best-performing managers in the fantasy league have the chance of winning a special prize at the end of the season.

What this prize will be is yet to be announced, WPYW added.

“FPL has been synonymous with the beautiful game for many years, creating an exciting weekly mini-game for fans to intensify their football-watching experience as well as engage in friendly rivalries with friends, family and colleagues.”

The fantasy league is free of charge and can be played from the convenience of your mobile phone.

Interested parties may join by clicking the link below to register an account. After that, you can start drafting your team!

The WPYW warned, however, against untoward behaviour, writing that “League administrators reserve the right to remove players with inappropriate/offensive team names.”

Mr Singh wrote, “Healthy, friendly competition is good and can unite Singaporeans in many ways. I will be joining the youth wing league with my team below. A pretty good starting eleven, don’t you think? #MUFC #RedDevils #WPYW”




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