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A Facebook post about a woman taking extreme actions to avoid paying her debts went viral. A female creditor named Maya Gunawan on her social media platform shared her experience on Dec. 13, noting that she met Liza Dewi Pramita through her group online.

Gunawan decided to loan about S$364, even though he never met Liza in person. She did a background check on Liza’s friends and she didn’t say anything bad about her. The loan was due on November 20, 2022, but Liza said she could not return the cash and asked for an extension until December 6, 2022. The promised date has passed and Riza has not been able to pay yet.

Gunawan was shocked to hear that Liza passed away on December 11th. A creditor saw her Facebook post by Riza’s child pointing out that her mother had died in a car accident on a bridge in Medan, Indonesia. The post included a photo of Liza’s dead body in a white outfit with cotton stuffed into her nostrils. One of the photos also showed medical staff pushing a stretcher with what appeared to be a body covered in white sheets.

Photo: FB screengrab

Gunawan was initially sad to hear of the woman’s sudden death. However, she discovered that Riza had her burial place in Aceh Tamiang, far from where she lived.

A quick Google search turned up a picture of a gurney from the same medical institution Liza’s child used in the post. Her findings prompted her to spread her frustrations on social media. Liza’s child also confessed Cosmo that everything was fake.

Liza is alive but has been lost and Gunawan has yet to claim 4.2 million rupiah (S$364) from the woman. /TISG

A loan shark set fire to his parents’ front yard and fired Molotov cocktails at his car, but he got it in the wrong house.

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