Why you should choose a skateboard

This year is also the time, people. Living in Singapore means knowing that you are among the most * ahem * talented shoppers.The holiday season is the Singapore version of the Olympic Games (or hunger game(Really) And if you start gift shopping now, you will be more than half of the population. You already know the old saying about the earliest birds to get a worm, and the worm in this case is a hassle-free shopping experience. No one is looking forward to quarreling with the hordes of other last-minute shoppers. Based on this, I would like to make a case for Karan Wave Mall in December of this year.

During this Uletide season, Callan Wave Mall is running a Christmas Joyride @ Callan Wave Mall campaign. This is a mall-wide promotion that runs from now until January 2, 2022. Use the limited edition Tayo The Little Bus umbrella and S $ 20 tenant cash voucher to redeem for a minimum cost of S $ 180 (or S $ 250 for FairPrice Xtra receipts). The terms of use apply and you can access the Facebook page for the latest promotions.

Choose from a wide range of gifts for your loved ones, from sporting goods to toys, household items and fashion apparel. Thankfully, during the year-end shopping period, Callan Wave Mall is rarely as crowded as Orchard Road. Orchard Road is probably where everyone and their grandma go. You will explode at Callan Wave Mall! Don’t you believe us? Check out our range of products and services at Callan Wave Mall here.

In addition, there are endless options to entertain (or distract) your family, so you can shop with confidence. The entire mall is also decorated with Petit Tayo’s Christmas decorations, giving you plenty of opportunities to take memorable family photos. Callan Wave Mall will have more stores for shoppers in 2022, including the addition of Yanballet in early 2022.

Why you should choose a skateboard

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