Who is the donkey referred to in some of the games? Learn about it here

Have you ever heard of a game that uses the word donkey? Are you aware of any game related to donkeys? If the answer is “NO”, then let us tell you that there are different games that use the word donkey especially in a card game. The donkey card game is a card game played between 3 to 13 players. It is also known as the donkey monkey card game.

In India, people love to play card games. As a result, Indian people have the most variety of card games as compared to the rest of the world. A donkey card game is one of the most popular and full of fun card games in India. It is one of the easiest and simple card games which attracts the kids also. You can play this game with your family and you can play this game online on gaming platforms like Getmega as well.

What is A Donkey Card Game?

A donkey card game is one of the fastest card games that you can play both in groups and individually in the online mode. It is played with a simple deck of cards. This is specially designed for kids’ amusements but sometimes adults also find it interesting. A donkey card game comes in 2 different varieties, one is a regular deck of cards and the other one is specially designed for kids to play. It is very simple to understand the game rules and tricks because it is designed for kids.

In this game, all cards are distributed among the players one after another until someone gets 4 to 5 cards of similar kinds like 4 to 5 cards of 2 or kings, etc. When someone gets these kinds of cards, they will be known as a donkey. The simplicity of this game makes it more popular among people. It is not necessarily important to distribute all the cards equally among all the players. Sometimes, some players get more cards as compared to other players. This happens when the number of players increases and the deck of cards gets short.

Rule and Tricks to play Donkey Card Game:

The rules and tricks are very simple to understand. You can also find some professional tips to win donkey card games online on gaming platforms like Getmega. The amazing gaming app provides different gaming experiences to their users. You can also win real money while playing different games. Here are some of the tips and tricks to win a donkey card game.

  1. Number of Players: Card games have so many varieties that every card game requires a different number of players. As mentioned above, this card game can be played among multiple people. The deck of cards will increase according to the number of players. This game is specially designed for children and for that there is no limit for the number of players.
  2. Card Dealing: In order to understand the dealing of a donkey card game, you must understand how the cards are to be dealt. You must exclude the joker card from the deck of cards before playing the game. The dealer or the person who distributes the cards needs to distribute the cards among the players one after another in a face-down way.
  3. Game Process: The donkey card game is played in a circle. One player needs to pass his or her one card to another player sitting left and receive one card from the player sitting on the right side. This process will go on until one player makes a set of 4 cards of the same kind. Once a player makes a card set, he or she puts all his or her cards on the table facing down and also slides hands under the table. Other players also follow the process and the last person to hold his or her cards will be declared as a donkey. Once a player becomes a donkey, he or she needs to run around the circle. While circling the circle, the player needs to make a noise like a donkey by shouting “eee – aww”.
  4. Don’t be a Donkey: As mentioned above, every player needs to show their pairs and slide their hand under the table but at the last one player will be left who has one card in his or her hand and will be declared as the donkey or the loser of the game. In order to avoid being a donkey in a donkey card game, you must pass a card before picking up the card passed to you. Pass one card at a time to maintain the game discipline.


The donkey card game is very simple to understand and fun to play. When you play online, you won’t get the chance to run around the circle shouting like a donkey, which looks very amusing when children do it. You can play this game online on Getmega, which is one of the most popular gaming platforms in the world. You can also win real money while playing different games here.


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