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Concerned members of the public took to social media to ask what was happening to food prices after receiving a meal of chicken rice that was mostly bones.

“What is this Lee Guankyi (In) Clementi?” asked a Complaint Singapore member of the Facebook group on Friday (4 November).

He attached a picture of the chicken rice he ordered from the stall, noting that it was “full of bones and no meat.”

Photo: FB Screengrab/Complaint Singapore

The customer added that the meal was also a mess upon opening.

“What’s going on with chicken rice in Singapore?” the original poster asked.

Netizens agreed that the part they received was shocking.

Some thought that there was a mistake on the part of the merchant.

“Maybe it’s not for you? Maybe you accidentally pet someone else’s tabo pack. says.

Photo: FB Screengrab/Complaint Singapore

Others piped in, saying that stray dogs eat better than what customers receive.

Customers shared their recent food ordering experiences and highlighted business ethics that needed to change.

“Now it’s all about money, money, money, and money. The wonton noodles and chicken rice I bought also have very thin and thin slices of char siu, sio bak, or chicken on the bone. Bringing daylight robberies to parts.They will have to pay their debts when the time is right,” said Facebook user Colin Biswas.

One Frankie Tang said, “It’s the same everywhere, you can’t eat chicken rice anymore. Prices go up and portions go down.”

independent singapore We will reach out to the stall for a statement and update the article accordingly. /TISG

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