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SINGAPORE: Labor Party leader Pritam Singh and WP MP Jamus Lim (Sengkang GRC) wasted no time doing what they were elected to do: take care of the people in the district they represent.

In a Facebook post that evening, Singh admitted it had been a “long day.”

Nonetheless, he added, “I’m happy to be back at Eunos to finish visiting the remaining households I wasn’t able to visit last week.”

In addition, he expressed his gratitude by receiving “words of support and encouragement” from the residents.

“Last week some feedback was forwarded to municipal agencies, but I have to pick up one more from today’s visit. Aljunid GRC

As for Associate Professor Lim, he didn’t mention anything specifically, but wrote Thursday morning that “adversity is part of the human condition.”

“We are honored to be called to public service, and we carry that responsibility with dedication and pride. As long as we are, the work will continue. # make your vote count,” he added.

This week Associate Professor Lim went to 317 degrees Celsius and started rounds at 318 degrees Celsius in the Anchorvale Ward.

In a separate post on July 19, he wrote that he had had several “intense” discussions with 317B residents over the past week and two nights.

Associate Professor Lim wrote that one of the issues had to do with the CPF’s fraud insurance, and that he had exchanged views with Minister Thanh Si Ren in parliament on the subject.

I argued that since CPF is mandatory for Singaporeans, savers cannot choose to deposit their savings elsewhere, so it seemed fair that such additional protection would be offered…

Additionally, the CPF is a huge fund and should be able to secure attractive interest rates (because of its size itself, and also because of its size makes actuarial diversification better). ”

Sengkang expressed his disappointment, saying, “You seem to agree on the merits of considering this option…” The government withdrew this position

of #workers party will continue to support common-sense financial regulation aimed at improving the balance between sellers and buyers in financial markets for the benefit of the population (especially the elderly). #senkang GRCnot only in Singapore, but more generally. # make your vote count,” he added.


MOM: The CPF Board does not intend to use the insurance scheme to protect members who are victims of fraud.

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– Advertising ​​- “We have been honored to be called to public service…the work continues.” Jamus Lim and Pritam Singh returned to the ground in the hospital ward.

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