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Malang – Islamic State Malaysia (PAS) President Abdul Hadi Awan said voting was a religious obligation for Malaysia’s Muslim majority and called on all Malaysians to vote.

“I call on all Muslim and non-Muslim voters to vote. Wajib (Religious obligation) because choosing a Muslim leader is a Wajib,” he said Saturday.

Malaysia is A general election will be held on Saturday There are 222 seats and 117 state seats available. The Islamist party PAS competes under the Perikatan Nasional, one of the poll’s three main coalitions. The other two coalitions are Barisan Nasional (BN) and Pakatan Harapan (PH).

“We can’t miss it (voting). Non-Muslims should also take their civic responsibility to elect their leaders,” said Tan Sri Hadi at the Sekora Kebansan Rusilah in Malang, Terengganu. He later told reporters.

He has defended his Marang parliamentary seat in a four-corners battle with BN’s Jasmira Othman, Parti Pejuang Tanah Air’s Dr Zarawi Sulong and PH’s Azhar Ab Shukur.

Hadi added that she hopes sunny weather will boost voter turnout. Malaysia is in the midst of its annual northeast monsoon season, which typically brings heavy rains and floods to east coast states such as Terengganu.

“I hope we can maintain a peaceful atmosphere regardless of the outcome of the election,” he said.

Hadi was accompanied by his wife, Zainab Awan Gar.

A total of 131,744 voters cast their ballots in the Malang parliamentary constituency.Star/Asia News Network

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