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Lou said his company was responding to direct calls from people in need of evacuation, adding that in Papua New Guinea, “if you don’t help yourself, no one will help you.”


The earthquake, the largest in the Pacific nation since 2002, has so far claimed far fewer lives than the last major earthquake in 2018, which killed 145 people.

Papua New Guinea authorities have confirmed that all seven deaths were caused by landslides near Lai Beach, Kambam and Wau, after three miners were trapped underground. died.

Lu said some of the pilots were airlifting a pregnant mother when the quake hit and “saw the slopes of the mountain disappear” as they flew her to safety. rice field.

Igarashi of the Red Cross said the internet and blackouts after the earthquake made it difficult to get a full picture of the situation on the ground.

The Lamu Hydroelectric Power Station, located near the epicenter, was damaged by the earthquake, and internet service was dramatically slowed due to the impact on submarine cables. Volunteers Lead Desperate Bid to Reach Victims of Papua New Guinea Earthquake

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