Understand And Build Up Your Strengths

We need an insight into our talents to figure out our perspective toward life goals and attain immense satisfaction working the way we want. It provides lots of interest and love for our profession and at the end of the day joyful supplement. We need to nourish our innate abilities and pick up careers and activities of our own choices. Your profession should be by your choice not by chance.

The children having Spatial intelligence have the ability to think in multiple dimensions and in an abstract way. They have large capacity for spatial reasoning and conceptualization .Such kind of children can choose their  careerin Architecture, graphic design, photography, interior design and Aviation. Their potential career choices can be Pilot , Fashion designer , Surgeon ,Artist , Engineer etc.

The children having Bodily-Kinesthetic intelligence have the ability to use the body effortlessly and efficiently running down the field or dancing flawlessly on a stage. Their potential career choices can be Dancer ,Physiotherapist , athlete, mechanic , builder , actor ,physiotherapist etc.

The children having Musical intelligence may entail the ability to sing and /or play musical instruments. Famous people like Beethoven , Jimi Hendrix and Aretha Franklin are the famous people with musical intelligence. Their potential career choices may include singer , Musical Conductor , DJ, music teacher, Lyricist , composer etc.

Linguistic intelligence also known as language intelligence involves sensitivity towards meaning of words , their order , rhythm ,sound etc.The excellence in this category are good at writing stories,memorizing information etc. Their career choices can be poet ,journalist , novelist ,editor , lawyer , professor etc.

Children possessing the ability to analyze problems logically ,carry out mathematical operations and investigate issues scientifically possess Logical -mathematical  intelligence. Albert Einstein and Bill Gates posses this kind of intelligence .They are expert in solving abstract problems ,developing equations and proofs. The career choices for these are Computer programmer, Mathematician ,Economist ,Accountant ,Scientist ,Engineer etc.

The people who have the ability to interact effectively with others and have sensitivity to the mood of others , feelings, temperaments ,motivations have Interpersonal intelligence .The career choices for such individual can be team manager , politician ,negotiator, Psychologist ,salesperson etc.

Intrapersonal intelligence is not specific to a particular career rather it is the goal of an individual in a complex society wherein one needs to make consequential decisions for oneself. These kind of people have the capacity to reflect upon their own feelings, goals and anxieties.Such kind of people plan and act under the light of their own capacities.The career choices of such an individual includes therapist , counsellor , Entrepreneur, Philosopher etc.

The ability to appreciate nature including plants,  animals  and other elements of nature and life includes Naturalistic intelligence .Charles Darwin and Jane Goodall are notable individual possessing Naturalistic Intelligence .Their career choices are Geologist ,farmer ,Botanist , biologist, Conservationist , Florist etc.

The need to assess yourself and reflect upon with a pause is extremely essential to move ahead in life with a sensible goal for a satisfying and successful life. Therefore it is obligatory to transit ones potential into a motivated career.

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