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Kyiv – Russian airstrikes on the recently liberated Ukrainian city of Kherson killed at least five people on Saturday and injured another 35, officials said.

Photos posted on the president’s Telegram account showed a built city center with burning cars, shattered windows and what appeared to be corpses littering the sidewalks.

“Social networks will most likely mark these photos as ‘sensitive content’. But this is not a sensitive subject, it is the reality of Ukraine and Ukrainians, ”Zelensky wrote.

“These are not military installations. This is terror. Killing for intimidation and pleasure.”

Ukraine recaptured Kherson, Only provincial capital occupied by Russia since the February 24th invasion in November. Since then, Kyiv says Russian forces have heavily shelled the city from across the mighty Dnipro River.

Presidential aide Kirilo Tymoshenko released Saturday’s casualty figures, saying 16 of the 35 injured were seriously injured.

There was no word on the incident from Moscow.Reuters Ukraine says Russian attack killed at least 5 people ‘for joy’ in Kherson

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