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London – UK promotion achieve net zero emissions The head of the UK’s energy regulator warned that the power system was undermined by long waits for new projects to be connected to the grid.

Ofgem CEO Jonathan Brearley promised in a speech to the energy industry on Tuesday to overhaul the planning system that has kept many developers waiting years for new projects to connect. Without a faster pace, the UK’s goal of decarbonizing the grid by 2035 is likely to be missed.

“We cannot increase the required transmission capacity by 2035 without more bold interventions to get new power into the grid as soon as possible,” said Dr. Brearley. “There is no point in calling the North Sea ‘Saudi Arabia of the Winds’ if we cannot integrate offshore power plants into our energy network.”

Delays in connectivity will also make it difficult for the UK to reach its goal of operating 50 gigawatts of offshore wind power by 2030, more than triple the current capacity.

To ease congestion, the UK grid operator will connect battery developers to the grid as part of a broader effort by National Grid ESO to reduce latency and accelerate renewable power deployment. It reduces the time it takes to

Under the new rules, UK grid operators will treat batteries as having zero megawatt impact on the grid, meaning no additional reinforcements to infrastructure will be needed. That’s because a battery can receive power and charge it, or it can send power back. The grid can also direct battery assets to reduce output.

Overall, National Grid ESO expects this change to speed up the grid connection of batteries for projects currently expected to be connected after 2026 by as much as two to ten UK regulator warns grid bureaucracy is curbing climate change

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