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Washington (AFP)-Instagram’s boss was aiming to soothe U.S. lawmakers who smoke on Wednesday (December 8), giving a rosy view of the impact of photo-sharing apps on teens. But they rejected his self-regulatory proposal and signaled a rekindling push to crack down on Big Tech.

Adam Mosseri worries about harm to corporate insiders, including a 2019 study that Instagram feels sick if one in three teenage girls is dissatisfied with their body Despite the leaked document that raised the claim, this service could help young people struggle.

In a recent interview investigating how social media is hurting teens, Moseri said, “Young people may come to Instagram to deal with the challenges of life. Instagram may deal with those difficulties. I believe it will be useful for important moments, “he told the Senate Trade Subcommittee.

His testimony comes when a service run by Facebook’s parent Meta has fought a crisis fueled by the company’s own research, which has spurred years of US regulatory efforts. rice field.

Moseri proposed a social media industry group that sets best practices for keeping young people safe online, but received a frosty welcome.

“It’s self-regulation, it’s the status quo, and that doesn’t work,” said Senator Ed Marquee, a critic at Big Tech. “We need a law. We need a law passed by this agency.”

The long-standing partisan impasse in Washington seems to have been relatively eased by social media regulations, at least when it comes to protecting children from abuse, damage to well-being, and exposure to malicious adults.

“This is a case of too few, too late. There is bipartisan momentum both here and in House to tackle these issues seen at Big Tech,” said Senator Marsha Blackburn on Instagram’s Safeguard. Said by mentioning.


Facebook has recovered from other scandals, such as those involving Cambridge Analytica, a British consulting firm that used the personal data of millions of Facebook users to target political advertising.

In that case, CEO Mark Zuckerberg went to Washington to apologize and the company agreed to a US $ 5 billion (S $ 6.8 billion) settlement with US regulators.

However, major social media networks are facing at least one investigation caused by the recent crisis. In November, a consortium of states in the United States announced an investigation into Meta’s technology for seducing young users and the potential harm that could result.

Faced with pressure, the company announced in September that it would “pause” the development of an Instagram version for children under the age of 13 due to growing criticism of the platform’s impact on youth mental health.

Facebook violently opposed a series of Wall Street Journal reports based on leaked documents, and a subsequent series of US media consortiums claimed that the investigation was mischaracterized.

On the eve of Wednesday’s hearing, Instagram announced new protections, such as suggesting a break if young users are spending a lot of time on the platform.

The timing of the announcement was carefully welcomed by lawmakers who questioned whether it was an effort to distract prior to the hearing.

“The kind of baby steps you have proposed so far are very respectful and overwhelming. Nudge? Break?” Senator Richard Blumenthal mentioned Instagram’s safety proposal, Moseri. I told him.

“It’s not going to save kids from the effects of addiction … I think you’ll feel a pretty strong determination to do something far beyond what you’ve shown on this committee.” He added.

U.S. lawmakers reject Instagram boss restraint pitching, Tech News & Top Stories

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