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Two food importers were fined Wednesday totaling $28,000 for illegally importing and selling seafood and vegetables.

Ger Trading and its director Lau Owen Yun Leung have each been fined $8,000 under the Wholesome Meat and Fish Act, according to the Singapore Food Authority (SFA).

In September 2021, the company imported 1,050kg of live oysters from Canada. We sold 364kg of consignment before the SFA inspected, inspected and certified the goods.

The court determined that Lau had not taken sufficient care to prevent the commission of the crime.

The SFA said in its statement:

“Meat and fish products determined to be unfit for human consumption will be seized and disposed of.”

The second case involved fresh food importer SM Fresh and its director Chua Boon Lai, who in June 2020 shipped 375 kg of undeclared and undeclared vegetables to Malaysia. imported on consignment from

The luggage was confiscated.

The company was fined $6,000 for illegally importing and selling fresh vegetables, and Chua was fined the same for failing to prevent illegal activity.

The SFA said those found guilty of illegally importing fresh fruits and vegetables could face fines of up to $10,000, imprisonment of up to three years, or both.

Fines up to $10,000, 12 months imprisonment for anyone convicted of failing to arrange for meat or fish products to be inspected, inspected and certified by a licensed inspector prior to sale or distribution. , or both, he added. Two food importers fined for illegally importing, selling seafood and vegetables , Latest Singapore News

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