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ISTANBUL: Turkish police have arrested 15 people on suspicion of being linked to the militant group Islamic State, the country’s official news agency said late Saturday (Feb 4) following a multi-day safety warning by a Western consulate. I told you.

The Anadolu news agency, which obtained a statement from the Istanbul police, said the group had been detained on suspicion of allegedly planning attacks on the Swedish and Dutch consulates in Istanbul, as well as churches and synagogues. It added that it could not confirm a “specific threat” to the location.

The intelligence services that led to the police operation said the group may have been directed by an Islamic State affiliate called Islamic State-Khorasan State, which operates in South and Central Asia.

Sweden and the Netherlands have been the target of angry protests after riots in Turkey. Anti-Muslim activists burn Islamic scriptures in Stockholm A similar action took place in The Hague, Holland.

This week, a group of Western countries temporarily closed their consulates in Istanbul over security concerns. Turkish officials have accused Turkey of trying to harm Turkey by failing to share information about the security threats that led to the shutdown.

in November, Bombing on busy Istiklal Street in IstanbulSix people were killed and several injured, located in the city center and near numerous foreign consulates. Turkish officials have accused Kurdish militants of the attack but deny any involvement. Turkey detains 15 people for links to Islamic State but finds no specific threats

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