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Seoul – 5 bodies Trapped in tunnel submerged by heavy rain in central South Korea Authorities said it was removed on Sunday and the death toll had surpassed the death toll at the time. heavy rain that hit the country up to 31.

Five people were found in a submerged bus in an underpass in Cheongju on Saturday after rescuers launched an underwater search operation early Sunday morning, officials said.

The Ministry of Interior and Security said 26 people had died, 10 were missing and 7,540 had been evacuated as of 6 a.m. local time after heavy rains caused landslides and floods.

Casualties from flooded tunnels are not included in the ministry’s data, as it is not immediately clear how many people or vehicles were trapped under water.

Cheongju Seobu Fire Station Chief Seo Jeong-il told reporters, “We are focusing on search operations because there may be more people.”

President Yoon Seok-yeol, who is currently on an overseas visit, told Prime Minister Han Duk-soo to mobilize all resources to minimize casualties as more heavy rain is expected on Sunday, according to the prime minister’s office. instructed to do so.Reuters Torrential rains in South Korea kill at least 31, rescuers search for missing

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