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WELLINGTON – Tornadoes continue to plague New Zealand, hitting north of the country’s capital Wellington early Tuesday morning, lifting the roofs of homes and injuring one, while a second tornado reached further north.

The Wellington Fire and Emergency said in a statement that at least four homes were damaged, including roofs blown off and at least one home lifted from stakes.

The New Zealand Herald, a New Zealand media organization, also reported that teenagers were hospitalized after the building where they slept was destroyed.

Fires and emergencies also confirmed that a second small tornado hit Taranaki on the west coast of the country’s North Island early Tuesday, damaging more homes.

The tornado has followed two days of stormy weather in New Zealand with around 10 homes in New Zealand’s largest city Auckland now uninhabitable after further damage from tornadoes on Sunday and in the north of the South Island on Monday. increase.

The country’s weather forecaster, Metservice, has warned that more severe weather, including tornadoes, could hit parts of the North Island later on Tuesday.

Tornadoes are relatively rare in New Zealand.Reuters Tornado hits northern North Island of New Zealand

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