Top Tips on How to Impress a Girl on a First Date

Men feel nervous before the first date no less than the fair sex. Being responsiblefor the organization of the forthcoming romantic assignation, they are worried that a woman would like everything. Experienced heartthrobs know well how to impress a girl and spark her interest and usually rely on their own charisma and an eloquent tongue. But what about those who are not so confident in themselves and ask a lady out for the first time, or have a negative experience associated with girls’ refusals?If you are one of these guys, the following tips will come in handy.

See about your appearance

Neatness, cleanliness, and tidiness are what womendraw attention to when meeting a man. The ideal appearance and expensive “outfit” are not soeye-catching as dirt under the nails and unclean shoes. So, to make a good impression on a lady, you need to consider such aspects:

  • flawless cleanliness of the hair, body, and nails;
  • pleasant smell;
  • the impeccable condition of the clothes (your things might not be new, but they must be well-groomed);
  • theneatness of shoes (for most ladies, the condition of a guy’s shoes is the headline measure. Even in case it is snowing/raining/hailing /flooding outside, your shoes must be clean);
  • the right accessories (belt, watch, or tie will help liven up your look and make it more stylish).

Choose a place for a date

You shouldmake certain that the chosen place is comfy for both. Therefore, before planning anentertainment program, find out about a girl’s preferences:

  • if we are talking about a cafe, you should discover if the girl smokes, and if not, make sure that there is a non-smoking space in the chosen institution;
  • if you want to do extreme sports, learn if the girl is afraid of horses/heights/ speed, etc. Moreover, notify her in advance so that she can dress appropriately;
  • if you are going to the theater or cinema, discover what genres the lady prefers (you can choose a film or a performance together);
  • the walking route must be carefully thought out so that the girl does not get bored;
  • try to create a romantic atmosphere on the date (going to a pub or a football match is unlikely to impressyour chosen one – rather, it will disappoint her).

Pay compliments

How to impress a woman? Compliment her! Pleasant words are what makes a woman’s heart beat faster and freeze with delight– one and allladies on the with this. However, your compliments should be sincere and truthful (for example, admiring the grace of a pudgy girl is at least silly, but you can note her charming smile or beautiful hair).

Use a sense of humor

One of the powerful ways to impress a lady is to become an interesting interlocutor. Uncertainty, anxiety, and inner fears can provoke awkward silence during a first date. This is quite normal, and you should be ready to bridge those gaps with a nice joke or a new topic of discussion. Therefore, you need to consider in advance somesubjects that will be interesting to the girl and questions that you can ask her in case of awkward silence. In addition, it will be good to prepare several funny stories and jokes to lighten the atmosphere and diversify your communication.

Don’t be afraid to show your charm

Reflecting on how to impress a woman, guysusually forget about such asignificantaspect as their natural charm, aberrantly considering that it is inherent just in extremely handsome men, and ordinary young guys who do not fit into the standards of glossy beauty stand no chance of winning over a lady with a smile.Meanwhile, women share with their girlfriends:

“I fell in love with his eyes!”

“At first glance, he is an ordinary guy, but when he smiles, it is truly irresistible!”

Consequently, charm, positive outlook, and cheerful nature are impactful weapons that can help you not only to impress a girl but also make her fall in love with you at the first gaze.

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