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There really isn’t anything like repetitive acne like clockwork. You know what we are talking about. When you look in the mirror and feel redness in a familiar place, you feel a sense of fear. We have seen it before, and now we resign ourselves to the inevitable appearance of an angry acne friend. Or maybe not. You do not have to resign yourself to its existence. Rather, we chose to scrutinize the internet to find out why they were coming back and reveal techniques that would try to stop them altogether. The following lowdown.

Reason for returning: Suckers are rooted underground
Just as magma chambers sleep underground until they decide to erupt from a volcano, these underground acne are the same — they never actually erupt. Acne simply swells under your skin and never comes to your head. More commonly known as cysts, it occurs when pores become blockers, forcing facial oils to divert from that route to the surface of the skin. Eventually, due to accumulation, it swells under the skin, begins to swell, and eventually appears in the mirror. To get rid of it, first try using a warm compress to relieve inflammation. It eventually forms the head, as this promotes the appearance of pus on the surface. Then (finally!) You can get rid of them using topical treatments like retinoid A.

Reason for its return: Hormonal changes
Unfortunately, these really look like clockwork. On the contrary, at least remind you that your period is coming and bring a spare sanitary napkin when you leave the house. Often, hormones activate the sebaceous glands, causing acne during these periods along the chin line, lower cheeks, and even along the neck. If you can’t cope with it, or if your breakout is bad, talk to your dermatologist to get a contraceptive to help with hormonal prurigo. If not, treat as usual with your favorite topical retinol.

Reason for return: bad habit
As Ed Sheeran says, sometimes your bad habits can lead to ending alone late into the night … worry about your latest acne. Our hands easily become dirty parts of our body just because they come into contact with most things while on the go. So if you count the number of times you touch your cheeks at a boring meeting or unknowingly touch your face while reading another mind-boggling report, your answer to recurrent acne is immediate. It starts with. So, in addition to keeping your hands away from your face, start religiously cleaning other things that come into regular contact with your face. That is, cell phones, pillowcases, and even face towels.

Tips, Tips, and Techniques to Prevent This – Buro: Buro

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