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SINGAPORE: A TikTok user announces plans to run in the looming presidential elections, following senior minister Thaman Shanmugaratnam and entrepreneur George Go Chin Wah, receiving credentials from the Elections Department (ELD). He became the fourth individual to receive the application form. Mr. Sen Sun Kiah.

This person, 45-year-old Teo En Ming, has been working as an information technology (IT) consultant for the past three years. Reportedly, he used to be an IT engineer, but he resigned from the position due to suspicion of the company’s financial problems.

In a TikTok video posted on Thursday, June 29, 45-year-old Theo Eng Ming revealed that he had collected applications from the ELD two days ago, saying he would “become the Supreme Commander of the Army and Navy.” I swore. He is eligible to run and if elected he will “defend the Singapore Constitution”.

It should be noted that Singapore does not have a Marine Corps.


Theo Enming wants to run for president in 2023

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Teo told Channel 8 news that Singapore’s first elected president, Ong Ten Chong, was his idol and that he aspired to become the “people’s president” that Ong fondly remembers. said there is.

Private sector presidential candidates must have served for at least three years as the CEO of a company with shareholder equity of at least S$500 million in net profit. “I think I do,” Teo said when asked if he met the eligibility criteria.

As for when to submit the application, Teo said it will be submitted by the deadline.

Candidates must submit an application for a Candidate Certificate of Eligibility and Ethnicity Certificate to the Elections Office within five days of issuance of the election warrant. The results of the application and group certificate review will be announced prior to the nomination date.

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