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On Sunday, Mr Thurman attended the official opening of ActiveSG Sports Village @ Jurong Town in Jurong GRC and oversaw the Taman Jurong Division as Member of Parliament (MP).

He was accompanied by three other Jurong GRC parliamentarians, Lahayu Mazam, senior parliamentary secretary of the Ministry of Health and Ministry of Justice, Sean Huang and Xie Yao Kuan. Dr. Tan Wu Meng was abroad.

Thurman toured the facility by observing hockey and football games taking place and interacted with young players and their families.

“There was a mixture of sadness and good luck, and vice versa,” he said when asked about residents’ reaction to his intention to retire from politics and run for president.

But Thurman reiterated that “Jurong will be fine” and residents will be “very well looked after”.

He also praised his fellow Jurong GRC MPs for their “extraordinary” work and “characteristics of their relations with the public”.

After Thurman announced his intention to run for president and retire from politics, observers said the Jurong GRC “may be lacking policy.”solid anchor” Minister.

There is currently no legal requirement to hold a by-election if a GRC member resigns. In 2017, Ms Halima resigned from her post as GRC Member of Parliament and Speaker of Parliament to run for the pending presidential election.

Zaki Mohammad continued as a member of parliament for Chua Chu Khan GRC and took over the role of former district adviser to Mrs. Halima.

Thurman, who is also the Coordinating Minister for Social Policy, told Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong on Thursday of his decision to retire from politics and all positions in government. He also announced his intention to leave the People’s Action Party.

He plans to resign on July 7th.

Thurman’s decision to run for president comes more than a week after Halima announced she would not run for re-election. Her term ends on September 13th. Thurman wants Singapore presidential election contested, says it’s ‘important’ to him

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