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TUNIS: Three prominent opponents of Tunisian President Kais Said are under investigation by prosecutors on Monday, including those linked to attacks on public security and insulting the president, it was informed. said to have received

A few days ago, Mr. Said warned that anyone who defames a “national symbol” would be considered an attack on national security and legal action would have to be taken.

Activists are Nejib Chebbi, Reda Belhaj and Ayachi Hammami. Chebbi is the leader of the opposition Salvation Front, which has organized regular protests against Said for months.

The Justice Department was not immediately reached for comment.

Said assumed executive power in July 2021 and has since dissolved parliament. Opponents describe this as a coup. Said’s opponents accuse him of imposing and reinforcing the dictatorship.

The powerful UGTT union also criticized the president, rejecting his authoritarian approach and saying it will not remain silent.

Hammami said the judge had launched an investigation at the request of the justice minister for allegedly spreading rumors and insulting the president. Hamami last week accused authorities of fabricating a terrorist attack against a judge Saeed dismissed last year.

Chebbi said he would not respond to any lawsuits as they were politically motivated.

“This is a farce…a hoaxed political file,” Chebi said. Three Prominent Opponents of Tunisian President Say Investigation

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