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A video of three Land Transport Authority (LTA) police chasing three speeding cars on Orchard Road on a motorcycle went viral on Christmas morning.

“Merry Christmas. Sweetie. One police officer for one vehicle,” the Facebook page SG Road Vigilante posted along with a video of the incident. The video was captured by an on-board camera at a traffic light towards Dhoby Ghaut at approximately 1:49 am. When the light turned green, at least three of his cars took off so quickly that they quickly disappeared from the video frame.

It didn’t take long for the first LTA enforcement officers to come into view of the cameras. Motorcycle lights were flashing, indicating cops were chasing traffic offenders.

Photo: FB screengrab

Moments later, two other LTA officers on motorbikes passed the dashcam video. The video is cut short and it is unclear if the vehicle was arrested.

Photo: FB screengrab

The video has over 36,000 views and netizens were relieved that the law was in place when the crime started.

“This is the best post ever. Unfortunately there was no video of their reaction after being caught,” commented Facebook user Max.

“Finally, look at the TPs at work. We should have more of them on the road,” added the netizen.

Singapore roads have a speed limit of 30-70km/h. If there is no speed limit sign, the speed limit is set at 50 km/h. If you are found to be over the speed limit, you will be fined between S$130 and S$170 depending on how much you have exceeded the speed limit. Exceeding the limit can result in fines of up to S$1,000, imprisonment of up to three months, or both for first offenses. /TISG

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