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Organisers urged festivalgoers to “conserve food, water and fuel, and shelter in a warm, safe space”, saying the “playa” – the huge open-air esplanade where the event unfolds – was impassable.

“Look out for your neighbours, introduce yourself,” they added.

The festival was scheduled to conclude on Monday.


The organisers warned only some four-wheel drive vehicles with all-terrain tyres were able to move.

“Anything less than that will get stuck. It will hamper exodus if we have cars stuck on roads in our camping areas, or on the Gate Road out of the city,” they said on a “2023 Wet Playa Survival Guide” special webpage.

If necessary, they said it was possible to walk to the nearest road, where buses would be provided to take people to Reno.

Mobile cellphone trailers were being deployed and the site’s wireless internet was opened for public access.

“We have done table-top drills for events like this. We are engaged full-time on all aspects of safety,” organisers said.

Last year, the festival contended with an intense heat wave and strong winds. Thousands stuck in mud at Burning Man festival, one dead

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