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SINGAPORE – When Loh Kiong Poot was five years old, his parents divorced. At the age of 14 he ran away from home and dropped out of school.

“When I was younger, I didn’t enjoy the good life. But now I can help other people live a better life,” said the 2018 exhibition at the Changi Exhibition Center. said a 79-year-old retired businessman who donated $500,000 at a community chest who die event.

Mr. Loh was one of thousands of volunteers and donors who participated in various charity events on Saturday ahead of the Chinese New Year on January 22nd and 23rd.

Over 8,500 bags of food and drink will be provided to 6,000 families and 2,500 seniors through the annual Fukudai event. The event worked with 44 partners to solicit donations and gather volunteers to pack celebration bags for distribution to those in need.

On Saturday, volunteers, including the Minister of Social and Family Development, Sohn, visited homes across the island to distribute the bags. It took him three days for 1,300 volunteers to pack everything.

Choo Suth, chairman of the Community Chest, said the bag contains essential items and can greatly reduce the burden on household budgets.

He brings joy to his beneficiaries, including children with special needs, young people at risk, adults with disabilities, people with mental health conditions, as well as supportive families and the elderly. He added that it would bring

“As social service needs become more complex, I urge all partners and donors to continue to work closely with us to adopt sustainable philanthropic efforts.

Separately, the Singapore Buddhist Lodge (SBL) donated red packets, or red packets, to more than 3,000 underprivileged seniors, each containing $250, at the 75th Batch Hong Bao Distribution Ceremony held on Kim Yum Road on Saturday. I handed out red envelopes.

One of Singapore’s oldest charities, SBL has been handing out red envelopes every year since 1949.

Madam Li, 85, was among those who received Hong Bao. Living alone after her family died, she said she was grateful to Hongbao. Help her with her daily expenses and give her some Chinese New Year goodies.

SBL will also distribute red envelopes to an additional 2,500 beneficiaries from Sunday through mid-January. He also distributes $10 red envelopes to his more than 8,000 residents at a local nursing home before Chinese New Year.

Health Minister Ong Ye Kung, who was a guest of honor at the SBL event, said he visited the lodge almost every week with his grandmother when he was young. His grandmother was in good health for most of her life until she died of lung cancer within a few months. Thousands of needy residents receive red envelopes, gift packs on charity drive ahead of RMB

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