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STRASBOURG: On Monday (16 January), thousands of members of the Iranian diaspora from across Europe marched in Strasbourg, host city of the EU parliament, to block Iran’s Revolutionary Guard from being listed as a terrorist group. urged to

Pressure is mounting among opposition asylum seekers and activists for the European Union and Britain to follow suit and blacklist security guards over a crackdown on protests four months after Masa Amini’s death in September. increase.

About 12,000 people took part in a demonstration in a city in eastern France as the rally marched towards the parliament, where the monthly plenary session is held, according to police.

Swedish parliamentary centrist deputy Alireza Ahondi, who organized the rally, said: “We are coming together to hear the voices of Iranian women and men in Europe and to call on the European Parliament to remain on the right side of history.” said.

“Without Europe’s help, without us being their voice, there will be no revolution in Iran,” he added.

Activists have accused the Revolutionary Guard of playing a key role in cracking down on protests that human rights groups say have killed hundreds. Four protesters have already been executed.

A branch of the Iranian military, the Revolutionary Guard Corps is tasked with defending Iran’s Islamic regime, which was established after the overthrow of the Iranian king in 1979, from internal and external threats.

European Parliament President Roberta Mezzola promised demonstrators that the EU would stand with the Iranian protesters.

“We urge the international community to respond strongly to the terror unleashed by the regime on the streets of Iran. A strong global response is needed,” she said.

The EU’s blacklisting of the Revolutionary Guards “would change things a lot, first economically and geopolitically,” said Sahar Agahani, 26, a French-Iranian student.

The United States designated the Revolutionary Guard a foreign terrorist group in 2019 under President Donald Trump.

British reports suggest that London is considering a similar move, while there are also signs that the EU is contemplating that step.

Activists argue that Europe’s designation will have far greater implications than current sanctions against authorities and the occasional summons of ambassadors that have highlighted Europe’s response to date.

German Foreign Minister Annalena Beerbock said in October that Germany was also considering ways to designate the Revolutionary Guard as a terrorist organization.

Britain’s Foreign Secretary James Cleverley said on Monday, without giving details, that it “goes beyond the measures we have already announced”. Thousands call for Iran’s Revolutionary Guard to be on EU blacklist

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