This treatment turns dry hair into a smooth, commercially valuable rock

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Awards: The best express smoothing treatment

winner: Shiseido Professional Sublimic Airy Flow Express Treatment, $ 138 (short to medium hair). $ 158 (long hair)

Intensive treatment that turns even the hardest and stubborn hair into smooth, airy and enviable hair.

The secret lies in the SUBLIMIC Salon Solution (Hair Care) products of Shiseido Professional, a Japanese hair care brand that makes full use of hair reforming technology.

Combining the power of the Infill Solution with the SUBLIMIC Airy Flowline Hair Mask, it injects a restorative into the hair to restore elasticity and elasticity while repairing and smoothing damaged cuticles. The line incorporates brand-specific flow motion technology and a unique micro-bouncing complex to make hair soft, smooth and easy to handle.

Best part: The treatment takes only 60 minutes and the results are long lasting.

What happened after trying the treatment

“Celeter Mall hair-in stylist Chester described the entire process in great detail, including the types of products used and how they differ from other straightening treatments.

Chester Hair in Seretal Mall

Chester is Shiseido Professional’s SPA-Expert Leader, a certified and trained expert in hair and scalp care.

He also recommended that customers use home shampoos, conditioners, and treatments daily at home to maintain treatment results. salon?

Like most treatments, the SUBLIMIC Airy Flow Express treatment started with shampoo. The shampoo was very thorough and kept the scalp very clean, but not irritating. This was followed by the application of various solutions to deal with my unruly damaged hair. These helped to introduce moisture into my hair and smooth each hair while repairing damaged areas.

My hair felt healthier and firmer and didn’t seem to break. More importantly, my hair tress didn’t feel heavy. This tends to be done by many smoothing treatments. It is smooth and hard to get entangled even after washing the hair the next day.

In addition, I really like the scent trail that the product left on my hair. And the explosion I got lasted until the next day – great skill. “

Available at Hair Inn, # B1-19 Seleter Mall, tel: 6702-2529.Or go Here..

Delivered by Shiseido Professional

This treatment turns dry hair into a smooth, commercially valuable rock

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