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SINGAPORE – At the community club, a five-minute walk from Madam Kong May-Yong’s home in Thomson, she spent most nights chatting with friends, attending dance classes and working out.

But the 73-year-old housewife’s last visit to the Thomson Community Club in Shunfu was in 2019. Until it was closed for renovation in April of the same year It was originally estimated to be completed by the end of 2021.

Four years after closing, the CC remains closed and renovations have yet to be completed as construction was halted by the Covid-19 pandemic.

Ms Madame Kong said it was inconvenient to participate in community activities as she had to take a 20-minute bus ride to the next closest CC, Marymount CC along Sing Min Avenue. Instead, she attends the Residents’ Committee, which is within walking distance of her home, to socialize and stay active.

“There is less activity (in the RC) and the space is much smaller than the old CC.

In December 2022, Thomson CC wrote to residents in a letter posted on its Facebook page that the prime contractor for the redevelopment project faced unforeseen business challenges during the pandemic and was unable to continue work at CC. I told you.

The letter, which was signed by the People’s Association (PA) Department of Building and Property Management and the Thomson CC Management Board, added that a tender had been held to select a new contractor for the project.

When ST visited the site in Shunfu on Thursday afternoon, some of the old building’s façade was still intact, and some of the building was surrounded by rubble. A crane was found on the site, but no workers were present and no construction was being done.

A sign at the construction site storage said the project was scheduled to be completed in the fourth quarter of 2022. Another sign had an estimated completion date covered with black tape.

In response to questions from ST, CC’s management board said redevelopment work began in September 2019. Residents will have access to nearby CC facilities and programs, including Marymount CC, Bishan CC along 13 Bishan Road, and Thomson CC (temporary offices) along it, he added. No. 22, Bishan Street.

A look at the government procurement portal GeBiz shows that the PA’s bid for the project attracted nine bids and closed on January 18, 2023. Bids are being evaluated.

Residents living near Thomson CC in Shunfu said they were unhappy with the CC’s lack of redevelopment and miss the convenience of facilities there.

Retired driver Saw Koon Thiam, 70, said he used to go to CC about once a week to eat at the cafe and play badminton and table tennis with friends.

“The venue was very lively, with martial arts and taekwondo classes for children and line dancing for the elderly.

“I don’t play sports much now, partly because of my age and partly because it’s inconvenient to go to other CCs in the area.” The Thomson CC renovation has been hit by construction troubles.Residents are frustrated after waiting four years

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