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The relief teacher was said to have been fired from her job for failing to handle a student fight that occurred during class.

The teacher posted on Instagram, tagging the Ministry of Education, sharing what happened and wondering if she had been treated professionally.

She said she had set aside teaching math and science in secondary school for about a year. said.

she wrote, “There was a fight in class 1, and I happened to be in that class. To be honest, it was a shock, but the follow-up after that (reprimand, stop fighting, let the class president report to the homeroom teacher, and confirm with two students. Question). got into a fight).The whole incident lasted less than 5 minutes, after which the class returned to normal.”

However, she got a call the next day from her disciplinary mistress, whom she called “Mr. A.”

After asking about the incident, Mr. A told the relief teacher that he was sitting when the fighting broke out, and based on the CCTV footage, he was not doing anything during the fighting.

“Of course CCTV couldn’t pick up the sound,” the teacher said.

Mr. A kept saying that he was “unprofessional” rather than “proactive” in handling the situation.

School management then decided to terminate her contract.

Photo: IG screengrab

“She (Ms. A) claimed to have discussed this (the phone call) with the principal before,” the teacher said.

However, she later discovers that the incident was not discussed in detail and that the head of the department that hired her was not fully aware of the situation at the time.

“It’s hard to explain to parents,” said the teacher, quoting Mr. A’s words.

Teachers wondered if the school handled the situation professionally.

Photo: IG screengrab

“First of all, I sincerely apologize for not being able to handle the situation in the best possible way. But is the school handling this situation fairly and equitably now? I fired him and was unable to properly listen to him face to face.”

She said she was not given the opportunity to meet with a representative for clarification.

“It’s been a week and my simple request has not been granted. Still less than a day to follow up and appease my parents.”

Photo: IG screengrab

Regarding this incident, she pointed out that first aid teachers had not been given standard operating procedures for handling such scenarios.

“From a third-person perspective, schools are basically trying to find the easy way out,” she added.

“Did I start that fight? No, did I want a fight? “It’s fair,” said the teacher.

Photo: IG screengrab

Netizens called her dismissal unjustified and urged her to report what happened directly to MOE.

“Yeah, sounds like a scapegoat. You’re the easiest to remove, so they try to tag you,” added Instagram user @cheahkuan./TISG.

“I’m ending your life now.

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