The secret of permanent weight loss revealed

The British Guardian reported that a study conducted by a British cardiologist concluded that exercise was of little use in weight loss. Even for the vast majority of people, the success of the diet plan has not been proven. Is it even possible for everyone to lose weight and lose weight?

Pankaj Gupta describes permanent weight loss.

Are you dissatisfied with the weight-based “gain-loss-regain” cycle? And is it even more annoying to see your slim colleague eat (but not eat) everything you want without wearing a kilogram?

If you want to re-wear your slender clothes without over-exercising or endless dieting, it’s a good idea to understand the permanent weight loss secrets revealed here. Without diet, medication or exercise.

With stubborn fat return and revenge, it drives people to depression and frustration. In fact, many reports conclude that most diets (like Atkins) are more harmful than good. Obviously, getting off a weight gain / loss roller coaster isn’t just about exercise, diet, lifestyle, metabolism or genes. So what’s the real secret?

Global success with permanent weight loss

Monique Sobrino of New Orleans is a successful entrepreneur and competitive tennis player. Now in her early 50s, she’s active on a competitive tennis circuit, and like most people, she gained weight in her 40s. She couldn’t manage her weight better than her non-exercising companion.

Monique’s lifestyle was much healthier than others, but still couldn’t prevent the beginning of the love handle and the growth of the waistline after blowing out 40 candles on a birthday cake. .. Like Singapore’s wife and mother, Gayatri Khullar, 45, she tried to lose weight from her thirties, but couldn’t lose weight forever. Katie Lovetro, a hard-working hair stylist in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, also stood up every day, worked hard and ate properly. Still, her weight continued to grow, leaving her witty about a permanent solution. Monique, Gayatri, and Katie lost weight permanently when they discovered The Pankaj Method (TPM).

For more than two years, Monique has weighed 20kg, while Gayatri and Katie have weighed 11kg and 18kg, respectively.

Pankai method prevents weight recovery

Over the past year, you may have read my regular article on Expat Living on the effectiveness of the TPM in curing all kinds of incurable medical conditions. Excessive weight can be correctly considered as another incurable medical condition that can be cured.

TPM cures all kinds of conditions in the same way, from arthritis to diabetes and obesity. In other words, it unblocks and balances the human body’s energy system (ES). Permanent cure for TPM has been approved by US and Indian physicians. ES is the master system of the body and controls all systems of the body, so restoring the balance of ES will permanently maintain physical and mental health and balance. Extra weight will continue to return until the ES is unblocked and balanced.

The problem is not the excess fat in your body. The real problem is in your ES, which is related to emotional luggage and thought patterns. The only key to getting out of the “gain-loss-regain” cycle is to solve the ES problem. Over 20 years ago, with ES-related scientific discoveries, I developed the Pankai method as a powerful and universal healing method, and our emotional luggage and mental health are overweight and most other biology. It has been shown to be the real cause of emotional problems and illnesses. TPM is very effective in releasing emotional luggage from the body. Most people are unaware of the amount of luggage they have. Because it’s normal. So keep in mind that emotional luggage is the root cause of excess weight.

When you unblock the ES with the TPM, a few things happen immediately. Stop “eating stress” or binge, your energy will increase permanently, and your body will begin to balance naturally. This is not obese. Losing extra weight will make you feel better. Consistently, you can easily change your habits. Not only do you lose weight naturally, but you start living a healthier lifestyle forever.

Permanent weight loss

TPM for persistent conversion

It is higher energy and healthy ES that facilitate the conversion. Correct healing of emotional pain can greatly help you lose weight and restore mental, emotional and biological health. Gayatri hasn’t followed any kind of weight loss plan for almost two years – her transformation into a healthier person is permanent. With her increased energy, weight loss, and subsequent self-confidence, she was able to complete the training of a yoga teacher in particular!

The only permanent solution to weight loss is to scientifically diagnose the energy block and cure the ES. This is what the Pankai method has repeatedly proved for over 20 years. That is the Holy Grail of permanent weight loss. Stop everything you’re trying to do to lose weight and unblock ES first. Say goodbye to the Pankaji Method and say goodbye to excessive weight and rebounds.

“After a lifetime of unsuccessful attempts and constant weight gain, I realized that I could use the TPM to jump out of bed every morning and easily make better choices. Healing my child’s emotional luggage with the TPM. Later, I lost 11kg forever. I never thought it would be so easy to transform! “– Gayatri Khullar, Singapore

Watch Monique and others share weight loss and other healing success stories on’s TPM YouTube channel.

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Permanent weight loss

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The secret of permanent weight loss revealed

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