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A man reported seeing live insects crawling inside a box of crackers he bought at the NTUC FairPrice store on Parkway Parade.

Samuel Tang shared images and video on his Facebook account last Monday showing a winged insect moving inside a box of fig and almond crackers from OB Finest.

Two winged insects were seen moving among the crackers left in the sealed package.

In response to a question from The Straits Times, FairPrice Group said it was a separate case.

The group said tests performed on existing batches found no anomalies, adding that it had not received similar feedback from other companies regarding the products in question.

FairPrice Group said it had launched an investigation with a cracker supplier. We are in contact with affected customers.

“FairPrice Group takes food quality and safety issues very seriously and is committed to maintaining high standards of food safety,” the company said.

It added that customers can return or exchange any product they are not satisfied with at the store where it was purchased with the receipt.

Customers facing similar issues with purchased products may also contact the FairPrice Group Customer Relations Hotline at 6380-5858.

ST has reached out to the Singapore Food Authority for comment.

Check out what came with the crackers I bought at NTUC Finest Parkway Parade today. 🙄 Contact NTUC FairPrice.

Contributor Samuel Tan upon Sunday, June 18, 2023 The man found insects crawling inside the sealed box of crackers. FairPrice Group under investigation with suppliers, latest Singapore news

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