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Singapore: A foreign domestic worker who didn’t want to work with her employer asked if she could quit because she couldn’t find a replacement.

In an anonymous post on a Facebook group for domestic help, the maid asked on March 31 if she would let her employer know she would like to return in 18 days. She had notified them a month before her departure and she only wanted to wait until the end of the month so they could find a replacement.

“but [I] I want to go back to March 31st. [I] I don’t want to work with them, but I am patiently waiting for a replacement (as original)..I hope they send me sooner,” she wrote.

She asked if it was okay to tell them in a nice way that she wanted to leave, since they would introduce her to her agent every time she brought up the topic.

Here is the advice netizens gave her:

Last year, a foreign housekeeper asked for help on social media after deciding she wanted to transfer from her current employer.

In a post on Singapore’s Facebook group FDW (Working Conditions Forum), the maid asked two questions. In her first question, she wrote that she would like to transfer to another employer, although she has only worked with her current employer for three months, and asked if that would be possible. I was.

In her second question, she asked if she needed a release paper from her current employer to make the transfer.

Her post prompted other helpers to comment on their situation and likewise want to be transferred.

Another helper writes that she also wanted to transfer, but it was necessary, so it was arranged. She added that from the age of 12 she had to share a room with a boy from the age of 16. According to her maid website,“Employers should provide workers with a separate room. If this is not possible, they should ensure adequate space and privacy (in many families, a housekeeper should be (We share a room.) Under no circumstances should an employee share a room with someone of the opposite sex, unless they are small children.”

Maid wants to transfer to another location after 3 months with current employer

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– Advertising ​​- The maid wanted to wait until her employer found a replacement, but asked if she could leave because she didn’t want to work with them.

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