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SINGAPORE: Employers took to social media to ask what they could do because they couldn’t afford the maid’s surgery.

In a post on Singapore’s Facebook page FDW (Working Conditions Forum), the maid’s employer asked other netizens if they had tendinitis. She wrote that her maid had tendonitis in her thumb, which caused pain and stiffness in her joints and could affect tendon movement.

The woman asked, “My helper had this problem and I wanted to help her, but I don’t have much money for the surgery.” wrote that she didn’t do much housework, and asked if she needed surgery for tendonitis.

A netizen said:

After considering renewing the maid’s contract last month, her employer wasn’t sure how much to pay her or whether her medical bills should be deducted from her salary.

In an anonymous post on Singapore’s Facebook group FDW (Working Conditions Forum), the employer wrote that the Indonesian maid had been working with him for over three years. She added that she would like to renew her contract with the maid when her current contract ends, and she said her maid is keen to continue working for her.

“She was recently diagnosed with high blood pressure. The monthly meds I pay are over $50. “It’s not giving me much trouble. My youngest likes her a lot and she adores her,” the employer wrote.

Her maid’s job, she said, is to do housework, cook meals and look after her employer’s two children. Her two children were rarely home as one was in daycare and her other was in elementary school.

Her employer also only took one day off a month, adding that she wanted to earn more money.

“Considering the working conditions and the time she spent with us, I would like to know – what is a reasonable salary once she completes the second contract? How much? Should her medical condition and drug bills be taken into account with this?” the employer wrote.

Most of the group respondents said it was up to her as an employer. Some say that a contract renewal usually increases her salary by $100 to $200.

Maid needs high blood pressure medicine monthly, employer asks if deducted from salary

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– Advertising ​​- The maid needs thumb surgery, but her employer doesn’t have enough money for the operation, and the helper says she doesn’t do much housework anyway.

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