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Musk, the world’s richest man, said in his initial dismissal letter that he canceled the deal after Twitter misled him about the number of bot accounts on its platform, a claim the company denied. .

In a mixed ruling earlier this week, Prime Minister Kathleen McCormick of the Delaware court overseeing the case said Musk could add to the whistleblower revelations from Zatko that surfaced in August.

However, she rejected his request to remand the lawsuit, saying that prolonging the lawsuit “risks unjustifiably further damage to Twitter.”

Musk has been embroiled in a bitter legal battle with Twitter in July, after announcing that he was no longer buying the company after months of a complicated and volatile courtship.

A five-day trial is scheduled to begin October 17 in a Delaware state court. The Latest Reason Musk Drops Twitter Deal – Whistleblower Pays

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