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Singapore: When a netizen on r/askSingapore wondered if he’d ever dated a neighbor, many commenters were eager to share their experiences.

“Workplace romances are highly discouraged because of the saying at work that you should never change where you eat. Has anyone dated your neighbor?”

dating your neighbor from ask singapore

Some of the Reddit users who answered the question said it was a success, while others said the whole thing ended abruptly.

“A friend married a neighbor who lived above him. Indeed, they first got to know each other via sch, and the realization of the neighbor bit came later. House together It will be infinitely easier to return to the

Another lucky fellow ended up going out with him a few times chiobu A (especially beautiful or attractive) neighbor.

However, another Reddit user cautioned those dating neighbors: just say “

One woman wrote that she ended up marrying a neighbor who was also a childhood friend.

I also had a few near misses.

One woman admitted to dating her neighbor, but added that breaking up with him was awkward.

Some commentators have pointed out the value of dating neighbors.

Others made fun of the question.

do you have chiobu again Oppa dating neighbors? Please tell me about it. At The Independent Singapore, we love good Valentine’s Day stories.


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