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MEXICO CITY: Mexican broadcaster Televisa’s phone and Internet service provider, Izzi, has partnered with AT&T Inc to roll out a range of low-cost cell phone plans across the country, Izzi said Thursday.

The package, which is available to Izzi’s 6.5 million customers, won’t replace existing plans and includes unlimited calls, texts and social media access to the US and Canada, the company said. a representative said.

Plans with AT&T will expand Izzi’s coverage and make it compatible with all recent smartphones, a spokesperson said, though some phones weren’t covered by previous Izzi plans.

The deal with Izzi follows another Televisa partnership with AT&T last month. Televisa’s satellite TV division Sky has partnered with AT&T as part of a revamp announced this summer to bring cellular service to existing Sky clients. Televisa’s Izzi division launches mobile package with AT&T

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