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On Saturday, February 4, a shark died after a 16-year-old girl jumped into a river to swim near a pod of dolphins.

A young girl was bitten by an unknown species of shark while out with friends on the Swan River, a suburb of Perth in North Fremantle.

She was pulled out of the water, but died from her injuries at the scene after efforts to resuscitate her failed.

“Very early on, what we are advised is that she was with friends on the river,” he added.

“They were on jet skis. A pod of dolphins may have been seen nearby, and young females jumped in and swam close to the dolphins.”

Describing it as a “very, very traumatic incident”, Robinson said the Perth native girl’s family was “completely devastated by the news”.

Experts had advised that it was unusual to see sharks in that part of the river, he said.

The state government has warned people to exercise “extra caution” on the Swan River in north Fremantle and adhere to beach closures.

According to contemporary reports and a database run by the Taronga Conservation Society, it was the first fatal shark attack on the Swan River since a 13-year-old boy was murdered in Claremont, a Perth suburb, in January 1923.

The last fatal attack on Australian rivers was recorded in 1960 when a bull shark, estimated to be 3.3 meters long, killed a snorkeler on Sydney’s Roseville Bridge, according to the shark case database. .

Last February, 35-year-old British dive instructor Simon Nerist was devoured off Sydney’s Little Bay Beach.

According to Sports Australia, 4.5 million Australians swim regularly and at least half a million surf. Teenage girl killed by shark while swimming in Perth’s Swan River

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