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SINGAPORE — Tan Chuan Jin, Speaker of Parliament and MP of Marine Parade GRC, celebrated his 54th birthday on Tuesday, January 10.

On his Facebook account, Tan posted a picture of himself holding a candlelit birthday cake and thanking people for their good luck, love and support.

The post generated even more love from netizens, including a birthday wish from actress and former model Zoe Tay.

“Happy birthday,” Tay wrote, followed by a series of emojis.

“Gaping. Is this the real Zoe Tay? Happy Birthday! You can buy a 4D Liao,” replied Mr. Tang in amazement, as the actress celebrated her birthday on the same day.

The chair must have had a surreal moment and posted a screenshot of Mr. Tay’s greeting (which led to even more birthday wishes).

He also noticed something else.

Tang captioned the post, captioning, “Like fan boy until I’m like fan uncle,” followed by three laughing emojis and the words: I don’t care. “

He also did a sports day hashtagging the moment with #ForeverYoung (#Alphaville) #youngatheart #Ageisjustanumber #Exceptyoucantremembernumbercosseniormoment #Andlookslikeseniormormoncoseyesightalsofoing #Andtypinghaywirecoshandeyecoordcantnakeit

Nonetheless, netizens commenting on his post seemed fascinated by the exchange.

“I would be hyped too,” wrote.

His fans and Tay’s fans rushed with all their might.

But in the aftermath of what seemed like a truly epic birthday, Tan went to Facebook jail for appearing to spam his post while trying to reply to all the good people. Entered (sort of).

This can happen when a user posts too much on Facebook and has to wait a bit before being able to post or comment freely.

Happy birthday to Mr Speaker and Ms Zoe Tay. /TISG

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