Talisker: Wild Spirit Shaped by Nature

For nearly 200 years, Talisker has been producing whiskey on a beautiful and desolate island, incorporating ever-changing elements. From rugged coastlines to fierce storms, warm sun rays and towering skies, Sky’s nature has influenced Talisker whiskey from the day the Machaskill brothers rowed onto their formidable shores and broke the ground.

Withstanding storms, fires, and the ebb and flow of time and tides, Talisker is sturdy and built by the sea. Passionate craftsmen harmonize with ever-changing elements to create whiskey with such a bold and unique character. Talisker’s distinctive style-subtle salty aroma, rich fruity sweetness and warm pepper-like finish-is inextricably linked to its extraordinary history and has attracted enthusiastic supporters for many years. I am.

Sturdy elasticity

Even the massive fire that destroyed the Stillhouse in 1960 seemed to burn Loch Harport, but could not extinguish the heat of Talisker. Standing a few miles next to the open sea and enjoying the dramatic views of Quillin, the distillery is equipped with five still images that are exact reproductions of the original, releasing quite a few new expressions in recent years. doing.

Through the changing seasons

Every day, the sea shapes distilleries, their people, and their whiskey. As the seasons change on the island of Skye, the walls of Talisker are flooded, frozen, dry and warm, affecting the properties of single malts. Together with the elements, the result is a unique style with sea splashes and spicy peat notes on the coast.

Taste the Talisker Spirit

An unparalleled combination of sensations, Talisker is best enjoyed with freshly shelled oysters. Ritual: Take a sip of Talisker, eat oysters, pour Talisker into the shell and drink. Full-bodied peat and smooth malt blend perfectly with the taste of the sea.

Talisker portfolio

Talisker’s portfolio of whiskeys has the core characteristics of sea salt, smoke and pepper bites, and is as untouched as the liquid-producing landscape. These are truly sea-made whiskeys, demonstrating unrivaled quality in barrels that are part of Diageo’s barrel distinction program.

Talisker 8 years old special release 2020

From malts rich in sea character, this adventurous release enlivens the marine aroma and peppery punch of the sky with the rich, dark and exotic sweetness of a warmer climate.

Talisker 25 years old

Classic Talisker – The Talisker 25 gets off to a gentle start with an immediate increase in acidity and saltiness. Flavor development is extraordinary, starting with sweets, pepper and hot, with a balance of bitterness, salt and smoke.

Talisker Expedition Oak 43 years old

Talisker 43, the best expression of Made by the Sea to date, is finished with 10 cask. Each cask contained several staves that traversed the harsh and beautiful elements of the Atlantic Ocean, along with the wild spirit James Aiken.

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Talisker: Wild Spirit Shaped by Nature

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