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The baby was taken to the nearby town of Afrin for treatment, and the family then spent hours recovering the bodies of father Abdullah, mother Ahura, four brothers and an aunt.

Their bodies were laid out on the floor of neighboring relatives’ homes before a joint funeral on Tuesday.

In the dim room, Swadi stared at the lifeless corpse and named it.

“We were exiled from[the government-held eastern city]Deir Ezzor. Abdullah is my cousin and I am married to his sister,” he said.

“time out”

The family’s home is one of about 50 houses in Jindairis that were destroyed in the earthquake, an AFP correspondent reported.

More than 1,600 people have died across Turkey, with more than 3,400 dead in Turkey, officials said.

About 800 of the dead died in rebel-controlled towns and cities.

Inside an incubator at a hospital in Afrin, the newborn was stuck in an IV, with scars on his body and a bandaged left fist.

Her forehead and fingers were still pale with cold when pediatrician Hani Maloof monitored her vitals. Syrian newborn rescued from earthquake rubble

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