Surrounded by friendly people and beautiful scenery, it’s easy to get in shape

You may have heard of the F45, a global franchise that is currently in vogue. The F45 has been proven to achieve fat loss and muscle gain through fun, unconventional, high-intensity exercises, with a variety of new circuit training every day. F45 is not your mundane gym, explains F45 employee Babs Hogan. He loves helping F45 members reach their fitness goals.

Coconut singapore We have caught up with the youthful studio manager who details the unique technology and expertise of the F45 as the key to the franchise’s overwhelming international success. While many who enroll in other gyms tend to lose motivation along the way, F45 members are always driven by a sense of community among friendly members.

F45 training is suitable for participants of all fitness levels. Experienced trainers here will only carry out exercises that are suitable for each individual. This gym’s high-intensity movements are designed to make members look good and feel good all day long. Babs adds that these workouts also help you feel strong when performing your daily tasks.

What makes the F45 Tanjong Roux special is the panoramic view that you can enjoy from this outlet. Members of a busy schedule can stop by for a short 45-minute workout, shower, and departure. However, if you have a little time after your workout, you can stay and immerse yourself in the magnificent views of the Karan Basin and meet fellow members.

coconut: Hello Bab! How would you describe the F45 to anyone who has never been here?

Bab Shogan: F45 is more than just a gym, it’s a community where people can dial in at “me” time, away from everyday life for 45 minutes. Exercises and programs change every day, so you won’t get bored. A variety of exercises aim to strengthen your body as you move in your daily routine, leveraging multiple muscle groups.

coconut: Does F45 Tanjong Roux have its own facilities that are different from other F45 branches?

Bab Shogan: We have great trainers, great communities, 6 showers, and great views for workouts!

coconut: Personally, what do you like about F45 Tanjong Roux?

Bab Shogan: Apart from what I said, the studio is 2,500 square feet. Being one of the few large F45 studios in Singapore, there is plenty of space for great training.

coconut: Who is the F45 suitable for? And how does F45 help members reach their fitness goals?

Bab Shogan: F45 is suitable for everyone! Trainers assist you in progressing or retreating your exercise to support your fitness level and goals.

Do you have a desire to try F45? Great news: We’re currently offering a one-week trial for $ 39, and in May you can take your mom here for free training. Check details or sign up Here..

Surrounded by friendly people and beautiful scenery, it’s easy to get in shape

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