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Customers were ‘really shocked’ at $9 for 1 chicken wing, 1 chili fish cake and 1 ‘kosong’ mee goreng at Kopitiam

Photo: Fb screengrab/COMPLAINT SINGAPORE

Food prices have steadily increased in recent times, disappointing all those who love affordable and delicious food in Singapore, as well as those who sell it.

However, one customer said he was “genuinely shocked” to have spent $9 on an order of 1 chicken wing, 1 chilli fish cake and 1 kosong mee goreng.

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“Your parents raised you perfectly!” — A single mother thanks two ITE Simei boys for helping take care of their baby at JB Customs and getting them home safely

Photo: TikTok screengrab/sitizulaikha0410

A single mother took to TikTok to not only deliver her sleeping 7-month-old baby who stood in a ‘massive’ queue at customs in Johor Bahru, but also to tell the heartwarming story of two young people. rice field. The baby and her eldest son returned home safely.

“Find it for me!” Zulaikha, who uses @sitizulaikha0410 on the platform, captioned the video on Monday, Sept. 26.

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Woman says, she and her boyfriend have been together BTO for 6 years, she is not in love with him

Couples are fun and adventurous.Photo: Instagram

A woman who has been with her boyfriend for 6 years tells him she is not in love with him and is wondering what to do.

In an anonymous post on popular confession page SGWhispers, the woman wrote that she was in a long-term relationship with a boyfriend she was soon taking to see her wedding ring.

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Singapore’s heart melted when an elderly uncle put the love of his life in a wheelchair

Image: Screengrab from Facebook / Singapore Incidents

A video of an elderly uncle in a wheelchair picking up his loved one in a car has melted the hearts of many Singaporeans.

On Tuesday (September 27), an online user shared a heartwarming video of an elderly couple in the Facebook online group Singapore Incident.

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The maids began to return later on their days off, first at 9:00 pm and then after midnight.Ultimately, she claims she accidentally stayed at her relative’s house.

The foreign housekeepers, who seemed to take advantage of the kindness of their employers, came back every week on their days off at midnight, ended up staying at a relative’s house, and insisted that they didn’t want to go home at all.

By anonymous posting to a Facebook group On Singapore’s FDW (Forum of Working Conditions), the maid’s employer wrote that she had been working with her family for about three months. Her family consists of two adult sisters and their mother.

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