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Maid says she wants to break contract and go home after 4 months in Singapore

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After staying in Singapore for the first time, one foreign domestic worker decided that this was not her life and wanted to cancel her contract and go home.

In an anonymous post on Singapore’s Facebook page FDW (Working Conditions Forum), the maid wrote that she had been in Singapore for nearly four months. She did not specify why she wanted to terminate her contract and return to the Philippines, but she asked what she should do.

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The maid cooks the same food every day for her employer and adds her own snacks to the employer’s family’s groceries.

Photo: Freepik/jcomp (for illustration purposes only)

A recently hired foreign domestic helper seemed to do more of what she wanted as opposed to what her employer wanted her to do.

In an anonymous post on Singapore’s Facebook group FDW (Working Conditions Forum), an employer who was recently laid off and had to stay home with a helper and a young child asked a few questions about the handling of helpers.

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Taxi driver got harsh warning from LTA for not checking vehicle after passenger left wallet and reported incident

Photo: FB screengrab/Beh Chia Lor – Singapore Road

Taxi drivers in Singapore are strongly urged to check their vehicles in case passengers leave something behind. This is to avoid receiving warning notifications from the Land Transport Authority (LTA) if a passenger reports an accident.

The taxi driver issued a warning letter from the LTA to its Facebook page Beh Chia Lor – Singapore Road to indicate that it did not search the vehicle for belongings left behind by passengers at the end of the trip on 9 July 2022. shared.

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Couple struggles to pay off S$12K loan after lavish wedding forced by parents

Photo: Taken from / Used for illustration purposes only

Under pressure from their parents to have a lavish wedding, the couple had to pay off a large loan. The bride confessed the details online and shared them on her Emosi Twitter page on Nov. 8.

Instead of experiencing happiness after the wedding, she said she had been crying for the past six months. She is a government contract worker and her husband is a clerk.

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Netizens complain that Grab delivery men ‘quickly disappear’ after hanging food orders at neighbor’s gate

Photo: GrabFood FB / For illustration purposes only

A netizen and his neighbor tried to fix an error made by a Grabfood delivery man who placed an order at the wrong gate. And he quickly walked away, even though a neighbor yelled at him to get the rider’s attention.

They tried calling Grab’s helpline, but it wasn’t easy, a netizen named July Lai wrote on the popular COMPLAINT SINGAPORE Facebook page on Monday (November 7).

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