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A guest asks Tan Chuanjin, “You are Mr. Ong Ye Kung, aren’t you?” Tan Chuan-Jin said, “errrr. No, it’s Mr. Chang Chuan-Jin.

Photo: TikTok screengrab/ongyekung

SINGAPORE—Someone recently thought Speaker of the House of Representatives Tan Chung Jin was Health Minister Ong Ye Kun, Tan wrote in a Facebook post on Sunday (January 15).

The speaker writes that the guest asked him. You’re Ong Ye-kun, aren’t you? ” Mr. Tan thought it was a joke and replied. No, it’s Chan Chun Shin. ”

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Pork belly hanging outside the flat window of HDB in Bukit Batok, soy sauce dripping on the clean clothes of the neighbors below


SINGAPORE — Chalk this up to another nasty neighbor problem of soy sauce staining freshly washed clothes. But for one man, this is exactly what happened.

Resident Bob Tan posted on the popular COMPLAINT SINGAPORE Facebook page on Sunday (January 15th): “My neighbor hangs pork belly outside his apartment kitchen window and stains a freshly washed cloth with soy sauce.” A photo has been added to show what he means.

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Customer waits over 2 hours for foodpanda order as rider uses 2 ordering apps and moves elsewhere first before delivery

Photo: FB screengrab

SINGAPORE — A foodpanda customer was surprised by the attitude of a food delivery rider after waiting over two hours for his order to arrive. According to the foodpanda app, your food should arrive within 30-40 minutes.

The incident was posted on the Facebook group Complaint Singapore on Monday (January 16), noting that the customer had placed the order around 6pm the previous day. “I have been monitoring the rider’s GPS since about 7:15 p.m., so it is clear that the rider retrieved my food and went to another location to wait and retrieve the food. Instead of just going to one location to pick up, the passenger appears to have gone to several locations as he said he had five orders and was working on two different apps.” the customer said.

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An M1 subscriber fails to contact customer support for an hour and says, “What’s the point of upgrading…there are no service standards!”

Photo: Taken from Google Maps and Facebook

Singapore — A subscriber of telecommunications company M1 turned to social media to seek advice after being unable to connect with a customer support agent regarding a billing issue. A member of the Facebook group Complaint Singapore posted on Sunday (January 16) that he needed to speak to a customer service representative but had to wait over an hour.

“There is no point in upgrading to an M1 bespoke app if there is no service standard,” said a frustrated subscriber. “I’m disappointed that I signed a new plan with them, but I will definitely be out when the contract ends,” he added.

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Pritam Singh: “By 2030…there will be more families with loved ones over the age of 65 who are suffering from cognitive impairment such as dementia.”

Photo: FB screengrab/Pritam Singh

SINGAPORE — Labor Party leader Pritam Singh wrote in a recent Facebook post about the reality of aging, especially dementia, which he said is a problem many families in Singapore must face.

“The reality of Singapore’s aging trend is that by 2030 it is estimated that one in four people will be over the age of 65. The number of families with loved ones with cognitive impairment will increase.” He said.

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