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Singapore – an alien world. Kevin Lim, 40, said more than two years ago when the Covid-19 pandemic began, he first encountered cleaners dressed in personal protective equipment from head to toe. I explained like

On a mission to film the cleaning of the church where the incident was discovered in early 2020, he said: – What precautions should I take other than how I dress and use a face mask and hand sanitizer?”

Lim, Chief Photojournalist of The Straits Times, was speaking to an audience of about 80 at the National Museum of Singapore in a talk titled Covid-19 – The Reopening Of The Nation In Pictures.

the event is part of Through the Lens Exhibition, ending on October 29. Held on his first and second floors of the museum, it features photographs from the World Press Photo exhibition and photographs taken by ST photojournalists.

For Senior Executive Photojournalist Kua Chee Siong, being in the middle of the action has always been part of the job.

But the pandemic presented another challenge for the 22-year veteran. Because completing his mission also involves the risk of infecting his wife and his three children with the virus.

A 48-year-old man said, “I was in the dormitory where I was taking the photos I needed and a man walked past me. It was during the delta epidemic, and there were quite a few deaths.”

He added that in the meantime, he makes sure to sanitize himself after every assignment and wipe down his camera gear and belongings. I pulled out a bottle of hand sanitizer.

His colleague Jason Qua told the audience, Reopening of the causeway in April 2022.

The 34-year-old executive photojournalist said, “When the border closed in 2020, there was footage of large numbers of people flocking to the Singapore side, almost like refugees. ST photojournalists share challenges and stories from covering the Covid-19 pandemic

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