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good morning! If you were unexpectedly laid off from your new position, you may be wondering if you should mention short tenure on your resume.

It’s good to remember that not all layoffs are related to employee performance, says Manpower reporter Tay Hong Yi in his latest askST Jobs column. It may be helpful to mention these work experiences. For example, if you acquired unique skills or knowledge along the way.

The tech industry has seen a series of high-profile layoffs.But some Singapore companies are sticking to their plans to hire technicians We strive to keep up with the digital needs of our customers, focusing on key areas such as cyber security and artificial intelligence.

Are you applying for a technical position?Please tell me more about job hunting

Meanwhile, a slowdown in the global economy seems imminent as interest rates are raised to curb sharp inflation. With high inflation and slow or no growth, what can investors do? Possible levers include holding cash that can serve as “dry powder” and defensive That includes focusing on the sector, writes Deputy Editor-in-Chief Lee Su Shyan.

We hope you find this week’s roundup useful. Have a nice week. ST HeadStart: Should You Include a Shorter Period on Your Resume If You’re Laid Off? | | Investing in an Economic Slowdown

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