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He added: “Many of these short-range tests are really focused on South Korea, and North Korea refers to the idea of ​​deploying tactical nuclear weapons for battlefield use. I think it’s directly related to the rise in ties and the almost pre-emptive competition between the North and South.”

North Korea is also taking advantage of the US focus on China. RussiaSnyder said it was to advance the missile program.

“The problem is that North Korea has rejected all these efforts despite persistent calls for dialogue by the Biden administration. I got

He explained that the Biden administration wants to talk about denuclearization, but North Korea wants to base the discussion on the grounds that North Korea is a legitimate and responsible nuclear power.

Snyder said North Korea will likely look to the 2024 US presidential election rather than the upcoming midterm elections to rebuild ties.

The main reason is the hope that someone who has a direct personal relationship with Chairman Kim Jong Un, perhaps President Trump, will be able to return and take the relationship in a different direction. South Korea watches US midterm elections in the face of North Korean missile threat

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