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SEOUL: South Korea will suspend the World Trade Organization (WTO) dispute resolution process stemming from allegations against Japan as it discusses restrictions on Japan’s exports of high-tech materials to South Korea, the two countries’ trade ministries said on Monday. Stated.

In 2019, Japan used it in smartphone displays and chips amid a decades-long dispute with Seoul over Koreans who claimed they were forced to work for Japanese companies during World War II. imposed export restrictions on high-tech materials

South Korean technology companies such as Samsung Electronics Co Ltd, SK Hynix Inc and LG Display Co Ltd are among those widely expected to be affected by the restrictions.

Analysts said companies had found import routes through other countries and worked to diversify their sources of supply, including by investing in local material companies, while some Japanese firms began producing in South Korea, prompting restrictions. had limited impact. South Korea suspends WTO dispute process while discussing Japan’s export restrictions

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